Ad of the Week: Go Compare’s ‘Llandofsavingmoney…’

by Stratton Craig

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When was the last time you saw a picture of a faraway place and thought, “I want to go there some day”? For us, it was when we recently spotted this advert focusing on the hometown of Go Compare’s spokes-tenor Gio Compario.
The new campaign by Fold7 sees Compario go back to his roots, commandeering a coach full of tourists on a daytrip through the Welsh countryside in search of savings. Shockingly, he manages not to sing, hum or otherwise make noise for most of the journey – which is fine by us, as the key to this integrated campaign is some clever wordplay. The name of their destination is the most important part of the ad.
The town of LlandofsavingmoneyandgettingtherightdealgogoGoCompare is clearly based on that other near unpronounceable place in Wales, right down to the ‘gogogo’ bit. And once the creative team had the country firmly stuck in their heads, they ran with the entire concept. Even the first TV spot has the familiar dulcet tones of local boy Tom Jones in the background and the obligatory scene-setting clips of grazing sheep along the way.
It’s such a brilliant idea (in one, very long and clever word) that we wished we’d thought of it first.
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