A content marketing visual feast

by Stratton Craig

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We recently had a fantastic idea to help you gain extra value from our blog, and provide something with a little less words and a little more visual.  Alas, our venture into unfamiliar territory was stalled by digital marketing network Econsultancy, who has already created a clever infographic on one of our favourite topics – content marketing.

We also came across a raft of other visuals on the subject that use succinct copy to present details and data clearly, which you can explore by reading on. Here are our favourites:

Quicksprout’s take on content marketing and SEO

Over at Quicksprout, Web Marketing whizz Neil Patel put together an infographic that trims away the fat from numerous studies and leaves the reader with key findings, and a clear understanding of what actions can be taken to boost their own rankings.

Click here for Quicksprout’s uncomplicated SEO visual.

WebDAM’s 20 marketing drivers for 2014

Content will only grow in prominence during 2014, and WebDAM shared the key trends to expect during the year. To us, the visual supports the fact that strategy is as important as the message, and an engaging communication grows in value when integrated across various mediums effectively.

Do you agree with WebDAM’s predictions?

The bottom line with Econsultancy

We start and finish with Econsultancy. Their marketing budget infographic breaks down the facts to provide measured insights into how and where companies are investing funds in marketing activities. There was only one area where none planned to decrease investment – content marketing. In fact, 74 percent plan to increase spend in this area.

Click here for Econsultancy’s investment insights.

If you need further convincing of content marketing’s importance to business growth, speak to the team in the know.

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