A new era for financial services

by Stratton Craig

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“The new bank is exciting and hopefully won’t be confusing and filled with rules that are designed to take your money as opposed to helping you save it.”

BBC interview extract

There’s been much talk in the news lately about Metro Bank – the first high street bank to launch in the UK for over 100 years.

Metro Bank looks set to shake up the competitive landscape, emphasising its focus on good customer service above all else; something that many, if not all, of our long-established high street banks are certainly not renowned for.

This fresh-thinking newcomer opens its doors to customers from 8am – 8pm weekdays, and it’s open on both Saturday and Sunday too. It also has 24/7 local call centres, a 15 minute turnaround for new account openings and even provides dog biscuits for visitors to take home to their canine friends. Many are sceptical about how Metro will succeed without savings and mortgage rates that beat those of its competitors. But with the likes of the BBC and Robert Peston, Meredith Whitney and Jim McCormick showing their support, we believe this is an early warning sign to others in the financial services industry. Things are changing.
Inherent to good customer service is good communication. It seems that Metro is putting the customer’s perceptions at the top of their priority list, which means they’ll be ensuring that their comms are accessible, engaging and as vibrant as their face-to-face service. For years, the financial services sector has come under fire with accusations of manipulation and distrust; confusing customers with their ever-changing rates and misleading communications. There’s every reason for this to change, and with the introduction of Metro Bank, the industry could finally be on the brink of communications success!
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