2017 travel trends and how to market them

by Stratton Craig

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Brexit, technology and a surge in healthier lifestyles are changing the face of the travel industry. Here are a few of the most significant travel trends set to take off in 2017, plus tips on travel marketing and leisure writing that will keep you ahead of the game.


Let’s move the elephant out of the room. Brexit doesn’t seem to be stopping people from going on holiday, with 24% of the UK population planning on spending more on their holiday in 2017 than last year, a similar uplift to the one seen from 2015 to 20161. While some are keen to spend more, this figure does suggest that three quarters of us want to spend around the same, less or nothing at all. In light of the pound’s loss against the Euro, now is the time to use travel marketing to highlight destinations in Europe where travellers can get a lot more for their money.

Healthy holidays

Indulgence breaks scoffing gelato in Rome might not be so appealing to the current surge of a health-conscious population. Walking holidays, yoga retreats and kayaking trips are likely to take centre stage this year. Focus on rejuvenation and the positive health aspects of trips in your leisure writing.

Luxury = minimalism

Opulence is being outshone by minimalism. Stripped-back hotels are taking centre stage, so adopt a similar approach in your travel writing. Avoid too many adjectives and adverbs, keeping your content simple and clean.


Thanks to Air BnB and HomeAway, it’s much easier for people to book traditional accommodation by renting someone’s home or opting for a unique holiday let. It’s transforming the way we see holidays, making us seek the ‘real’ experience of a place. For travel marketing, this means pointing out hidden gems and telling people where the locals go. Use adjectives and verbs based around the human senses in your writing to mirror the richer experience some holidaymakers crave.

Foodie experience

We’re becoming increasingly more intelligent about cuisines. Hotels around the world are trying to create a more ‘edible’ experience with food at every point, from the herb garden outside the window to a fruit bowl on the sideboard. Whet your customers’ appetite with sense-filled copy in your leisure writing, including sentences focusing on smells, tastes and touch. Adding in a couple of ‘must-try delicacies’ for local cuisine is sure to tempt a foodie.

Sailing adventure

The rise of the sailing holiday is set to continue in 2017. Holidaymakers after this sort of trip tend to like the idea of adventure and freedom – and they rarely just go once. Sailing companies should use travel marketing to target previous holidaymakers inviting them back. They also love the idea of being part of the sailing community, so keep your leisure writing personal, including plenty of second person pronouns.

City breaks over beach holidays

European cities saw an increase in UK tourism of 9% last year1. People are favouring the city break over a beach holiday. Both couples and friends enjoy a city break, so target both demographics with relevant content. Focus on the romantic appeal for couples and highlight the fun and culture for friends.


Globetrotters are set to follow the events rather than the sun this year. Schedule articles on the best events happening in the coming year into your content calendar now.


The saying ‘if you’ve been to Tenerife, I’ve been to elevenerife’ has never been more appropriate. People love to brag about the far-flung and lesser-known destinations they’ve travelled to. You’ll find that small islets in the Mediterranean that not many people have heard of and cities that haven’t been on the holiday map for years will come into the limelight. Take note now – be the sharp travel company that knows the hidden gems – and go against the whole hidden aspect by marketing them in new and exciting ways.


It’s easier than ever to book a getaway. Just a couple of taps on your phone and you’re away. Clever marketers are using digital strategy to improve every touchpoint of a customer’s experience to take hassle away from them. Offer more than just a way to book flights or accommodation by using content to offer advice, tips and other helpful services.
Travel trends are constantly changing as events around the world motivate where we want to go and what we want to do. The one thing for sure is that everyone wants a break, it’s all about finding what people want and targeting them with ever-evolving travel marketing techniques.

1 http://abta.com/assets/uploads/general/ABTA_Travel_Trends_Report_2017.pdf

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