Winning new business with words: the critical role of content strategy

Win with Words

Event Date: 29/02/2024

This event has passed.

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Great content is a powerful driver of sales, marketing and stakeholder engagement. But when messages and information are everywhere, how can businesses make sure their communications are cutting through?

Too often, digital content is misaligned, out of step or ineffective, leaving important communications lost in a sea of different messaging. But with a content strategy, your business can deliver the messages that matter most, speak with one voice and ensure that each piece of content you produce is having the desired outcome.

Our Head of Copy & Strategy, Claire Wilson, and Account Director, Helen Procter, hosted a live webinar on 29 February 2024 covering how an effective content strategy can help you:

  • Cut through ineffective and poorly targeted content
  • Optimise your sales funnel
  • Engage your key stakeholders, and
  • Showcase the true value of your business

Download the webinar slides here.


Watch the webinar back in full below.