Generating technical content for TSS, a leading pharmaceutical innovator

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The challenge

TSS is a global tech company pioneering cloud-based temperature monitoring solutions that help drive the safe and efficient delivery of drugs to patients worldwide.

Working with leading life science companies to collaboratively facilitate safe and sustainable end-to-end drug delivery, the solutions offered by TSS automate the formally manual process of temperature monitoring as well as ensure seamless integration of that data into the wider digital clinical ecosystem. The company asked for our help to generate written content that would communicate its vision and values while illustrating its integral role within the pharmaceutical sector.

The solution

TSS wanted to showcase its broad range of SaaS services, including shipment and facility monitoring as well as its end-to-end clinical trial and commercial supply chain modules. We gathered a team of technical writers with a wealth of experience in technology and healthcare. These specialists have since been delivering expert-led content to support TSS in demonstrating how automation and richer temperature management data can help pharmaceutical companies reduce waste, achieve higher visibility, optimise shipping routes and ultimately deliver safer drugs to patients around the world.

The results

Our partnership with TSS began with regular blog content and accompanying social media posts highlighting the temperature control solution provider’s critical contributions to the wider pharmaceutical industry. We have since worked closely with TSS’ internal Marketing team to broaden our content generation, collaborating with senior stakeholders such as TSS’ CEO and VP North America to deliver whitepapers, case studies, eBooks and Q&A-style blog content.