Website copywriting services for Mammoet

Digitalisation of backlogged printed content including in-depth sector pages and case studies

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The challenge

Mammoet had lots of printed content in old copies of its magazine ‘Mammoet World’. It wanted to digitalise the important topics and asked us to help with both the planning and the website copywriting.

The solution

Our expert strategists first carried out an audit to inform the content strategy. We reviewed over 100 articles to identify common themes around sectors, expertise and audiences, as well as highlighting any gaps. We then made recommendations for presenting the content online, including whether to use an article format or infographics. During the second stage, our construction copywriters reworked many of the articles to make sure they were suitable for Mammoet World’s digital website.

The results

By establishing a strong relationship with Mammoet, we continued to work on a variety of projects as its trusted content partner. A significant project was rewriting Mammoet’s website, including the majority of its in-depth sector pages and case studies, choosing the right words to reflect the brand. We also led content strategy workshops and produced offshore insight whitepapers.