Creating clear, concise and benefit-led product copy for HoMedics

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The challenge

With hundreds of health and wellbeing products that help people relax and lead less stressful lives, HoMedics wanted to ensure its product descriptors reflected its brand mission.

They asked us to freshen up their product information and make the customer benefits more prominent.

The solution

We started by immersing ourselves in the core values of the HoMedics brand. Based on this, our team of three writers created product descriptors that were benefit-led and showcased HoMedics’ underlying philosophy of helping people access the latest in-home wellness products.

The results

The resulting copy was customer-focused, clear and compelling. It told people exactly how the HoMedics range of products could help them reduce stress and increase wellbeing.

We also provided writing training for HoMedics’ internal team to help them use this customer-focused, benefit-led approach in their sales presentations.