Crafting a distinct tone of voice for Hintsa

“Stratton Craig have been instrumental in helping us create a strong brand voice across multiple platforms. We’ve always found them to be professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with.”

– Karen Deehan, Content Lead, Hintsa Performance

Services: Tone of voice
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The challenge

Hintsa, a performance coaching business, was in the process of building a new app and refreshing its brand. The team was outsourcing app content and marketing materials to freelance writers, but it turned to us to bring a more consistent and streamlined approach. We were asked to create a distinct tone of voice for Hintsa, review its content and draft app copy, where it was crucial that we were careful to use the correct language.

The solution

One of our specialist writers and strategists with a healthcare and user experience background led the project, providing expertise on every element from tone of voice to app copy. Starting with tone of voice, we worked closely with the team at Hintsa, including colleagues based around the world. We ran a workshop to gather different perspectives and focused on creating a tone of voice that would feel natural yet embrace contrasts, where opposites attract – a key theme in its brand.

Armed with the tone of voice guidelines and drawing on their knowledge of healthcare copy, our writers then created app content designed to empower users on a journey to better performance.

The results

Having clear tone of voice guidelines has brought consistency and a clear personality to Hintsa’s content, from its app to blogs and website. The client has also expanded the guidelines to include UX recommendations, which continues to inform our approach to writing its platform copy.