Writing Brighton College’s first sustainability report

“From the interviews to the write-up, Stratton Craig’s professional team perfectly captured who we are and what we wanted the report to be, making it a completely stress-free process. We’re very glad we found Stratton Craig – they made the experience of writing the report easy and smooth.”

– Anastasia Sousanoglou, Head of Energy and Sustainability, Brighton College

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The challenge

Brighton College, a leading independent school, was in the process of launching a 15-year sustainability strategy. The strategy and the efforts needed to see it through represent a significant investment for Brighton College, so it was important to garner support from a broad spectrum of stakeholders including staff, parents and governors, and members of the local community. Stratton Craig was approached to create the school’s first sustainability report, helping it to communicate its ambitions and approach.

The solution

Working closely with the Head of Energy and Sustainability at Brighton College, Stratton Craig explored the school’s strategy in depth to highlight the messages it needed to convey. Our team then led an in-depth interview to draw out the importance of each of the strategy’s key themes – to the planet, pupils’ learning and the school’s future. With these insights, we were able to link Brighton College’s purpose and values to its sustainability efforts, putting it in a strong position to inspire support from stakeholders.

As this was Brighton College’s first report, we advised on the process, structure and additional content that would enhance the messages.

The results

With a writer and account manager dedicated to the project, we helped Brighton College meet a tight deadline. With a clear and concise sustainability report, it has communicated its vision and efforts in a credible way. The report will also help the school to set itself out as a leader in sustainability among independent schools.