Helping AXA Investment Managers demonstrate leadership and innovation in sustainability

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The challenge

As one of the world’s leading investors in real estate and infrastructure, AXA Investment Managers – Alts (AXA) wants to play an important role in increasing the sustainability of the places we live and work. Working closely with our partners at Black Sun, we helped them articulate their comprehensive ESG strategy and tell the remarkable stories of how they’re applying it in assets across the world.

The solution

By interviewing a range of investment and asset managers, we distilled the key messages of AXA IM Alts’ ESG strategy to create a coherent and engaging narrative. The new ESG narrative acts as a source of truth, consistency and clarity for all their sustainability communications. By linking their approach to their values and demonstrating the results they have been able to achieve, we have helped AXA create a comprehensive suite of content that demonstrates their strong commitment to sustainability.

Building on the key messages from the core narrative, we have created brochures, video scripts and web copy to tell AXA’s sustainability story across a range of formats. For assets ranging from high-tech working hubs in Berlin and forestry projects in Australia to sustainable offices in London and Paris, we created compelling case studies demonstrating the ingenuity and innovation of AXA IM Alts’ solutions.

The results

Our work has helped AXA IM Alts demonstrate leadership and innovation in sustainability through a multi-media campaign. AXA IM Alts’ team now has the tools and assets to communicate clearly how sustainability is integrated throughout their investment process. As a result, their unswerving commitment to sustainability is now better understood by their clients, partners and their own people.