/ Language Activation

The right experiences can bring your brand to life

We can help turn your brand language into everyday action. How? With lively, action-packed sessions hosted by brand consultants, artists and professional actors. Our team will run drills and role plays to train your people in the best use of your brand language. Rather than reading about your tone of voice, your people will have the opportunity to live it, breathe it and then knock it out the park.

Your logo, strapline and strategy are all living, vital things. But it’s your people who make them come alive in the real world. These human interactions generate the energy that will drive exceptional customer experiences – and directly boost your brand performance.

This approach really does raise standards. Your people, and your leaders in particular, will gain the confidence to harness their individual strengths and inject their own personality into the way they communicate with customers.

If trust is the new business currency, then Language Activation can help you gain the dividends. We’ll adapt our training to suit your specific goals.

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