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The right stories can build relationships that last

Write smart content and put it in smart places. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Once you commit to creating content, it can either be the wind in your sails, or an anchor dragging you under. A good content strategy will help you to avoid the ‘content abyss’.

Managed properly, content will demonstrate your expertise and your values, hold your customers’ attention, earn their trust and create sustained growth. It really will make that big a difference. How can we help? Our content strategy services will help you plan your content so it aligns to your business needs and customer profiles. Then we’ll either write it for you or help give your people the practical tools to deliver a consistent flow of high quality, on-target content.

As content strategists, we know the value of thinking before doing. Before we write a single word of copy, we work to understand your brand, what you’re trying to communicate, who you’re trying to reach and why. Once we’ve audited your business and your content requirements, we’ll use the insights we’ve gained to create a content strategy that delivers maximum visibility and value for your brand.

But that’s not all. Unlike many agencies, our work doesn’t end once we’ve delivered the content we’ve crafted.

We keep working to ensure your content is engaging, attracting visitors to your website, and increasing the likelihood of converting visitors into customers.

Content strategy is the method of organising content so the most relevant information is available to your target audience, in the place they’re most likely to look for it. This might be to encourage a purchase or increase brand engagement.

Here’s how we start every content strategy project:

By starting with an audit of your existing content, we can:

Understand what messages you’re pushing out. Are they consistent or contradictory? Is there a theme/common thread? Are they strong and clear?

Establish where your content is being published and determine whether your target audiences use those channels.

Identify opportunities for more effective copy. It could mean doing more, doing less, changing channels, honing your message or mixing up the format.

Based on the results of the audit and a deep understanding of your business and content objectives, we’ll create a plan for getting your content in front of the right people at the right time. A clear and well-documented content strategy not only shows everyone within your business what you’re trying to achieve and how, but it also prevents your staff from writing content without clear purpose. Instead, everyone will write content with purpose, or as we like to call it #contentwithcontent

Idea generation
In line with the content strategy, we’ll deliver a steady stream of ideas around relevant topics and themes from writers and journalists with industry and subject expertise.

Write brilliant content
It’s time to get writing. Once you have your content strategy in place, you need to give it wings and let it fly.

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