The English Project

by Stratton Craig

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  • Approximately 100,000 school leavers (16%) leave school every year unable to read, write and spell adequately for the demands of daily life

  • 20% of adults fail to attain the literacy level expected of an 11 year old

We’re sure you’ll agree that figures like these are surprising, and really quite frustrating. Back in 2007 the BBC reported that although £500m had been spent on literacy schemes, the results were relatively small. Standards of reading remained relatively the same over a long period of time – since as early as the 1950s.

We recently met with Christopher Mulvey, a trustee of The English Project. The study aims to enhance both awareness and understanding of the story of the English language – including its history, the present and the future. The project is gaining momentum, with events, activities, debates, educational initiatives and surveys all forming part of the project – the long-term aspect of the project will be a visitor attraction in Winchester.

We’re really excited about the work of the English Project; through promoting and celebrating our language alongside the research and important implications of the project, we feel it has great potential to make a positive impact on standards of language, literacy and communication in schools, businesses and social circles.

On the 13th October, the English Project and its supporters are encouraging us all to celebrate our language with the first ever English Language Day. They will be holding a number of events and there are many ways to get involved – from simply submitting your ‘kitchen table lingo’ or running an event through your company. You can visit to find out about joining the celebrations.

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