Internal communications – the essentials

by Stratton Craig

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Whilst the economy is in the midst of what everyone hopes is a recovery from the recession, with this comes inevitable change for us all. Some firms have ridden the wave and now need to ensure they are safeguarded against re-emerging competitors whilst others have been severely hit, with redundancies, loss of profit and tight budgets all part and parcel of the situation.

Either way, companies in any position need to ensure that their employees are engaged and motivated to ensure that change does indeed bring recovery. We thought we'd share some essential tips that all companies should take note of.

  • Never forget that communication is a two-way process. Listening is one of the most important parts of communication. Ensure you capture employee feedback about developments in the firm. It’s important that you act on this feedback too; employees need to be assured that their opinions are heard.
  • Coherence between your internal and external comms is a must. There needs to be a clear fit between what you are telling your employees and what you are telling your customers, shareholders and the general public. In turn, this will reflect on what the media is telling everyone too.
  • Tone is important, and timing? Crucial. Think about your message. Are you celebrating a new project win or talking about an important technical change? Ensure that the tone is right for the message otherwise employees may find it hard to judge the nature of the situation. Getting the message across at the right time is key to ensuring it is received in the best way possible.
  • Consistency is vital in all communications. Including those with members of your organisation. Ensure that your communications are always on brand and that if you commit to a particular style or channel, you stick to it.
  • What’s in it for me? This is the question that is on any audience’s mind, especially the internal audience. Remember this and ensure you explain the benefits (however long term they may be) clearly and confidently.
  • Internal communications is not an option. It really is a mandatory part of any communications strategy. So, much like your marketing and advertising, plan it and budget for it – you’ll soon be reaping the benefits!

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