Demonstrating the sustainability credentials of CBRE Investment Management

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The challenge

CBRE Investment Management needed to display its platform’s ESG credentials and explain how it was futureproofing its long income strategy with a long-term sustainability approach. The business wanted to demonstrate its thought leadership on a complex topic while meeting the requirements of ESG ratings agencies. 

The solution

One of Stratton Craig’s specialist finance writers conducted a series of interviews with experts across the business. After producing a content outline to be reviewed by the relevant stakeholders, we wrote a whitepaper to explain to a highly educated audience how the growing focus on sustainability is changing the commercial real estate and investment landscape. 

The results

The whitepaper has been used to engage with prospective investors following a webinar on the same topic. Following the success of this piece of content, we committed to producing a series of insightful whitepapers over the course of 2022 to distil a range of complex topics for CBRE’s audience and position the company as the leading experts in their field.