A week on work experience: one budding copywriter’s story

by Stratton Craig

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After my GCSEs, I spent a week at Stratton Craig for work experience, after hearing about copywriting at my school’s careers fair. At first, the idea of ‘swimming with bigger fish’ was daunting. I wasn’t sure what to expect and uncertainties were creeping into my mind. But now? I don’t want to leave.
When my friends asked me, “What are you doing for work experience?” and I replied “Copywriting”, the immediate response was always a “Huh? What’s that?” I could never fully answer that question, but now I feel I could give a 2-hour lecture on it.
I was given so many opportunities: the chance to proofread and edit letters, write headlines, plan tweets and campaigns, learn about tone of voice, write car news stories for websites, receive feedback and have my ad of the week and blog published on their website! Like seriously, that’s majorly cool.
The experience of sharing office space was also new to me, and although there was a lot of sitting down typing in synchrony with other little taps around the office, it definitely beat school lessons.
When I told a friend that I wanted to drop out of school and work here instead, I wasn’t bluffing. Copywriting requires skill, and even though I’m not yet accustomed to the varied styles of writing used, I can only hope that in the future I will be.
My understanding of the power of words for advertising and successful communication has deepened. I feel extremely honoured to have spent time with copywriting gurus and experts in the industry. Each day brought something new and even the journey to the workplace increased my independence – on the first day, I had no idea which exit to take to get out of Waterloo station. Oh dear? Indeed.
I’m extremely pleased that I found and chose Stratton Craig to spend the week at, because it has fuelled my desire to work, succeed and get the necessary qualifications. I have been inspired.
If you’d like to try out work experience here – trust me, you do – then please contact [email protected] or send an enquiry.

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