Evolution not revolution: Getting started with Integrated Reporting

by Anna Fozzard

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As companies around the world seek richer ways to engage stakeholders, more are turning to the holistic approach of Integrated Reporting.
The list of benefits to businesses that adopt an Integrated Reporting model is compelling. An increased understanding of how they create value; the incorporation of sustainability into a company’s business model; the creation of a strong corporate narrative; and better engagement with investors and other stakeholders are all notable advantages.
Yet many companies are still fearful of taking the leap and changing how they communicate their successes. Following our last whitepaper on Integrated Reporting we’ve answered some of the mutual worries businesses have about moving towards this all-inclusive approach. We advise that when you choose a different tack for communication, it’s best to gradually make the transition. Hence evolution not revolution – keep your stakeholders engaged by preserving some elements and tweaking others.
Corporate reporting has been an integral division of Stratton Craig’s work for years, and we’ve witnessed the change to Integrated Reporting, physically getting to grips with this narrative style.
We are utilising our expertise in this line of communications by writing a series of whitepapers to inform, guide and advise on Integrated Reporting. Contact us to find out more about our work in corporate and Integrated Reporting.
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