Campaign of the week: Land Rover ‘Hibernot’

by Stratton Craig

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Campaign of the week: Land Rover Hibernot
January is the perfect time of year to launch an ad campaign based on Britain’s iconic climate, with ‘grey’ the perfect adjective to describe the nation at the arrival of a New Year (and many of the following 364 days for that matter). In their latest promotion, Land Rover is urging us to “enjoy this grey and pleasant land” with their brilliant ‘hibernot’ ad campaign, leaving their vehicles out of the frame almost completely.
The TV commercial instead celebrates our international status as stiff-upper-lip non-complainers when faced with the elements, continuing the trend of featuring families and those in rural regions. A slideshow of clips presents common scenes: wind-swept coasts, crashing waves and foggy moors, before closing with the simple #hibernot hashtag to tie in with a broad social media strategy.
Stretching across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, the hibernot campaign encourages brand enthusiasts to share their outdoor experiences which are then featured on a dedicated website. The site displays a collage of images, tweets, videos and Instagram snaps to present a rich display of content, and it also asks to link with your location to show a real-time weather forecast.
The commercial features at the forefront of the hibernot website, projected alongside glorious landscape shots and inspiring snaps of snowboarders, mountain bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. By aligning the brand with motivating scenes of individuals embracing life, Land Rover plays on our tendency as a nation to pursue resolutions in the New Year.
We love the fact that this campaign has reclaimed ‘grey’ as a more positive word, and we’re definitely fans of the ‘hibernot’ pun/portmanteau. However, we think we might leave the outdoor activities to other proud Brits and stick to copywriting in our lovely warm office. Brrr.
Hibernot ad:

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