Cryptocurrency Copywriting agency

Now’s not the time to be cryptic

The crypto and blockchain space is getting crowded. With so many new players, companies that don’t speak clearly and effectively risk being drowned out by those that do.

Quality content. Qualified leads.

Crypto and blockchain are large-scale, disruptive ideas. As technological developments they have companies across all sectors, from real estate to healthcare, reconsidering how they store, validate and share data. As value- and income-generating investments, bitcoin, non-fungible tokens and other cryptocurrencies have captured the public imagination too. But there is still confusion around the underlying technology, how it works and what it can be used for.

Changing that requires high quality content that pairs technical understanding with an ability to engage effectively with a wide range of audiences. Whether you want to create deeper relationships with a B2B or B2C audience, our experienced team of copywriters, strategists and account managers can help create content that drives interest in your business and fills your pipeline with qualified leads.

As a cryptocurrency copywriting agency we can turn your insight and expertise into intuitive UX, leading thought leadership or copy that helps users do what they want to do. Content that generates value for your business over the long-term.

Smart content that connects

Crypto, bitcoin and blockchain have a great origin story: conceived by the anonymous person or group using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. To this day, Nakamoto’s identity remains a mystery but the idea of digital currencies underpinned by decentralised peer-to-peer networks continues to ripple through the global economy. It’s a great story – but it’s not the only one. Your business has one too and our expert crypto copywriters can help you tell it.

Jargon busting

The world of crypto, bitcoin, non-fungible tokens and blockchain is defined by jargon. From airdrops and BTFD to forks and wallets, there is a lot for audiences to get their heads around. As an experienced technology content partner to companies all over the world, we understand the importance of technical language. But we also know how to strike a balance between jargon and being able to communicate about complex topics in a language your audience will understand. We’ve been helping companies find this balance for decades.

But just because we avoid unnecessary jargon, it doesn’t mean we shy away from the technical details. As a content plug-in to your teams, we’ll help streamline the process of content creation. By working with stakeholders from across your company, we’ll make sure your insight and expertise gets turned into engaging thought leadership quickly and efficiently.

We’re not new kids on the block

Stratton Craig is one of the oldest written communication agencies in the UK. Throughout our more than three decades of working with companies to maximise the value of their content, we’ve seen some big changes. The internet, Google, smartphones and social media have all radically changed the way content is consumed, created and conceived. It’s our job to not only understand the latest developments in tech like crypto, bitcoin, non-fungible tokens and blockchain, but to help our clients communicate effectively about them too.

We can add value on a range of services:

  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Messaging frameworks
  • In-app copy
  • Automated email workflows
  • Blog content
  • Corporate reports
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Business catalogues and case studies.

With the whole world scrambling to try and understand crypto, great content is not just a nice to have. It should be a really valuable asset. Whether you need ongoing content support or help with a single project, our expert crypto copywriters are ready to go.

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