What is it that makes your brand good?

by Stratton Craig

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At Stratton Craig, we’ve noticed a clear shift in the communications industry, with more and more companies publishing communications focused solely on corporate sustainability. Summarised perfectly in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2012 report, ‘Today’s best brands are in touch with their own humanity and the humanity of others’.
Given that 73% of consumers claim they would ‘switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause’1 it’s clear that the humanity of the world and its markets is focused increasingly on ‘doing good’, so companies will naturally need to show that they are doing the same.
No longer is it sufficient or acceptable for companies just to make money. Companies have to behave well in their pursuit of profit and growth. They have to balance the interests of their business with the interests of society and, therefore, the environment.
But importantly, they also need to communicate their commitments to their stakeholders. Many companies have already realised that the business case for sustainability communications is overwhelmingly strong. The Global Reporting Initiative recorded significant year-on-year increases in the number of sustainability reports published between 1999 and 20102.
Whether it’s through a specific website, report or within your marketing collateral, there’s an opportunity to share your story and create an affinity with your audience that goes further than your product or service. And there is a wealth of evidence that suggests that it really can have a positive impact on the bottom-line too.
So, it’s time to ask yourself, ‘what is it that makes us ‘good’?’

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