Ad of the week – Yoosli

by Stratton Craig

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‘Muesli’ is one of my favourite words, but also my least favourite breakfast food. A new ad from start-up Yoosli, makers of custom muesli boxes delivered to your door, has almost won me over though. I probably won’t start pouring myself a bowl every morning, but this ad has definitely got me talking about Yoosli.

The ad is set in the fictional village of Yoosliville, which I was desperately hoping could be a real place once I’d watched the whole thing. The residents of Yoosliville all have their own attitudes to muesli and their own mix that matches their personality – a great way to introduce the customisation. The portmanteau of ‘you’ and ‘muesli’ into Yoosli was the perfect choice.

We meet ‘muesli-cal’ musician Louis who loves fruity notes, and daredevil Bob, who ‘tries anything in his pursuit of muesli-based thrills’. From a copywriter’s perspective, the quirky animated clip is incredibly well written – and I admit I chuckled every time I heard the word ‘muesli’. Watch the ad and see if you do, too.

Yoosli’s website does an excellent job of maintaining the personality and tone of voice from the ad. One of the highlights is the ‘mix finder’, a multiple-choice quiz to find out which muesli mix suits you best. Answers include ‘My body is a temple, but with some empty sweet wrappers on the floor’ and ‘I’m looking forward to a time when we eat space pills for breakfast’.

You can also have a go at creating your own mixture online from the 65 different fruit, cereal and sweet options (that’s a lot of muesli!). The description of each muesli ingredient is fun yet informative – fruits have zing and even the puffed quinoa is considered ‘yum’.

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