Three rules for a successful finance email campaign

by Stratton Craig

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With email marketing tools becoming ever more sophisticated and adaptable, putting in the effort to personalise email campaigns can reap huge benefits for finance companies. Here are three ways to make sure every email you send gets read instead of being flung straight into the ‘deleted’ folder.
1) Think like an orange and segment
You can’t personalise an email without having the necessary data about your customer, so a successful email campaign needs to start long before you even come close to pressing ‘send’. Start by creating a database of information about each customer to determine what will be of interest to them. For instance, if they’re struggling financially, you’ll know that information about a low-interest loan is more likely to pique their interest than details about your latest savings account.
Now that you’ve got your customer’s details, it’s all about dividing – or segmenting – them into groups so you can send customised and targeted emails that really speak to the audience in question.
2) Watch your tone
How you say something can be just as important as what you say, especially when it comes to talking about sensitive subjects such as someone’s personal finances. So always make sure you’re setting the right scene by using an appropriate tone of voice. Age can be a key factor to keep in mind here – the language and style you use to email 20-somethings may not necessarily appeal to the silver surfers in your client base.
Whatever you’re writing about, remember that every correspondence from your company should be in keeping with your brand guidelines and tone of voice as much as possible.
3) It’s all about the stats
You won’t know how successful an email campaign has been without tracking it. What’s more, how will you know what worked well and weed out what went wrong to make your next marketing communication bigger and better? That’s why it’s crucial to make the most of your CRM and really evaluate the stats available to you. For example, take a look which links were clicked on the most by one particular target audience. If there was a lot of click-through to a blog on first-time buyer mortgage options by customers aged 25-35 then you know you’d do well to focus more on this area. It really is the most powerful way to personalise your email campaigns.
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