Courageous communication at Capital Law

by Stratton Craig

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For the past year we’ve been working with Cardiff-based solicitors, Capital Law, and we love working with these guys. Not only is the firm packed full of great people, but it also really recognises the value of fantastic communication.

Far removed from the dreary, long-winded and stuffy comms that are stereotypical of this sector, Capital Law’s communication strategy thrives on clarity. Lawyers keep jargon to a minimum and all communications display a lightness of touch that reflects the company’s modern approach to legal services. What a breath of fresh air!

The company has looked closely at communications over the last few years, with a real turning point being the launch of the new website and a regular blog last year, complete with an all-new tone of voice that encompasses company values and resounds perfectly with their audience. You can also find the company and many of its employees on Twitter (@capitallawllp), where they are successfully utilising yet another channel for delivering sound advice and firm and industry news to their clients.

It’s fantastic to work with any firm that really has its finger on the pulse when it comes to communications. There’s no denying that clarity is key and that the social media arena is the place to be at the moment, and this is true for organisations in all industries. Consumers and clients are all over these sites, so if your company’s not there, where is it?

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