Report writing services for Sport England

Creating a consistent narrative for the annual report

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The challenge

Like many annual reports, Sport England requires input from a number of people across the organisation.

The team asked for our help to create a consistent narrative that would reflect the bigger picture of Sport England’s year while incorporating a new tone of voice.

The solution

By reading general news from across the organisation each year, we are able to form a view of the year and draw out potential themes and specific topics that stakeholders may want to know more about. We use this research to inform the interview process.

It is important that Sport England’s reports are an authentic reflection of the team, so our annual report writers interview a number of people from across the organisation to ensure we capture their input most effectively.

This enables us to create a coherent narrative that includes everyone’s input, gives stakeholders what they need to know, and consistently reflects the Sport England brand.

The results

We’ve been writing Sport England’s annual report since 2017. Our copy has brought energy and conciseness to the reports and has helped to streamline the production process internally.