A long-standing content writing partnership with Anderson Strathern

We helped Anderson Strathern’s solicitors understand the impact of tone of voice and good content writing.

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The challenge

Having refreshed its brand and launched a new tone of voice, Anderson Strathern realised its solicitors were struggling to implement the new tone of voice in their writing and understand its importance.

The solution

We developed a tone of voice and copywriter training programme for Anderson Strathern and rolled it out to over 50 solicitors in a series of interactive workshops.

While demonstrating the impact of tone of voice in writing, we also shared general best practice tips to help them communicate complex legal issues in plain, direct and human language.

The sessions were reinforced by tone of voice check-in sessions and reviews to monitor how well the tone of voice was being implemented.

The results

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive and demonstrated significant improvements in engagement.

To help Anderson Strathern roll the training out to new employees on a regular basis, we conducted ‘Train the trainer’ sessions to teach star graduates of the sessions to lead the training for other colleagues in the future.