Lost in Translation

by Stratton Craig

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It may be a clichéd phrase but there’s definitely some meaning in this phrase. And Corp Comms Magazine’s recent article relating to the US X-Factor’s kerfuffle with Cheryl Cole’s accent reminds us all of how important that meaning is.

Cheryl’s downfall and the Corp Comms discussion are both based around accents, but we refer translation in its rawest sense: taking written communication in one language and rewriting it in another.

Direct translation is fairly easy – most words can be found in other languages on the internet. But translation of message is another thing altogether.

Often the biggest language barrier that is forgotten in direct translation is cultural and social nuances. And it’s these that can make even the best British tagline lose all impact elsewhere.


Your translator needs to understand your message and act as its guardian through the translation process. That’s why we work with translators who are often also copywriters in your required language.

All our translators are also native speakers in their language and the majority are based in the country of origin, which means they are able to really understand the culture of an audience.

By working with a team that not only translate your words, but also transcreate them to preserve the messages, you can ensure that your copy connects with its new audience as effectively as it does with its native one.

If you’d like to speak to us about transcreation call us on 020 7593 4014 or email [email protected]. We can work in over 20 languages including Arabic, Russian, Marathi and Czech.

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