Establishing distinction in a crowded market for Clydesdale and Yorkshire bank

“Stratton Craig made our tone of voice tangible and real”

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The challenge

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank’s tone of voice didn’t reflect its straightforward, direct approach to banking. When the public turned against the troubled banking sector, the Bank needed to show that it was different from its competition.

The solution

We helped Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank transform its tone and find an authentic voice. Crucially, we ensured the brand guidelines made sense in a variety of contexts.

Since then we have rewritten and produced hundreds of communications to ensure the tone of voice is always spot on.

We’ve also run tone of voice training workshops for internal teams and new starters, where we help them to elevate their own writing to ensure consistency across all communications.

The results

Over the course of a lengthy partnership, customer communication became a clear point of difference for Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank.

The Bank’s communications consistently benchmarked higher than those of its competitors, and the customer experience improved overall, as evidenced by better NPS scores.

Our training sessions helped build the team’s confidence to expand into multi-channel communications.

We are particularly proud of transforming the Bank’s branch closure letters from the most-complained-about to the least-complained-about communications, demonstrating something we’ve always known: the right words can change minds and win hearts.