Brands should focus on ‚openness‘ in tone of voice

by Stratton Craig

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Do brands know what 21st-century British consumers are looking for? Do they know what they need and how to demonstrate that they can provide consumers with these things? A year-long project by OMD UK is looking for the answers to these questions among many others and aims to paint a picture of modern consumers in the UK and their perception of brands.
The Future of Britain project reveals that it is essential for brands to have a full understanding of the context in which they function and they should tune their tone of voice and their messages in a way that reflects this, the Guardian reports.
One of the key findings in the report is the fact that consumers are moving away from the belief that global brands are “on their side.” This has caused many of the biggest international brands to drop in rating and become less trusted. For instance, just 9% of Britons believe that Facebook is acting in their best interest, while Google still enjoys a higher level of trust on 17%.
Similarly, many Britons now express their preference for purchasing products from local, responsible and secure firms. The report shows that brands need to keep this changing consumer behaviour in mind and should adopt a more open and frank tone of voice that shows solidarity and receptiveness. The Future of Britain seems to be connected with localised businesses and a personalised approach to consumers, the report concludes.

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