Creating engaging,
benefit-led content for tech giant Fastly

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The challenge

Fastly is a US-based cloud computing services provider. Its edge cloud platform is used by global brands like Buzzfeed, Financial Times, Ticketmaster, and Deliveroo to deliver a faster, more reliable experience to their customers.

Communicating its success, marketing its services, and promoting its events requires its marketing teams in the US and Europe to create large amounts of content. Stratton Craig is the company’s dedicated content support provider.

The solution

Working with teams from across the company, we create a range of content to help Fastly launch new campaigns, tell customer stories and market its solutions.

Taking subject matters that are very often highly technical, our technology writers help the company create engaging, benefit-led content that talks to techies and business leaders alike.

The results

With a team that can scale up and down responsively to its needs, Fastly knows that we can work as an extension of its marketing team to create
high-quality blogs, web copy, social media and marketing collateral as and when it needs it.

We work with a range of people from across the organisation to quickly and effectively meet their needs.