Client Services Director

Nina has more than a decade of account management experience, working for a wide range of clients including De Beers Group, Clydesdale Bank, Sport England and McCain.

Nina’s ability to manage multiple complex projects simultaneously is unparalled. Her keen eye for detail, ability to think laterally and boundless creativity make her the ideal person to guide, advise and support our dedicated client services team.

Nina plays a vital role in overseeing the strategic direction of the business, making sure we’re aligning our development with the needs of our varied client list. Whether she’s supporting new talent in our freelance network, establishing new client connections or maintaining existing client relationships, Nina’s always looking for ways to make the business even better.

If an occasion’s coming up, Nina’s party trick is penning a poem to mark the occasion. She loves to travel and spends her time in Bristol hunting down the best avocado toast.

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