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Highly regulated. Hotly debated. Pioneering technology.

In a sector that touches every part of our lives, we can tell the stories that showcase your innovation, your contribution to the communities around you and your vision for the future.

Great writing can change the world.

With huge scrutiny from a range of stakeholders, it’s not surprising that companies in the energy and resources sector struggle to build trust. That’s where a team of expert content writers and strategists can help.

Balancing pressures from government regulations, environmental groups and shareholders, there has never been a more important time to hone your content writing. Clear, persuasive communications can keep existing customers on side and attract new ones.

Energy clients we’ve worked with include:

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Balanced and persuasive content

You operate in a fast-changing industry, with new energy alternatives making headway and technology developing at a rapid pace. Our copywriters keep key stakeholders engaged by finding the right balance between authority and inclusivity.

We can persuade your customers by translating technical information into clear English, without sacrificing crucial details. Rigorous, fact-based writing and a communications strategy geared to your audience will help steer the direction of public opinion.

Copywriting for the energy sector

Copywriting services for energy and resources companies

As an energy and resources copywriting agency we’ve worked with leading global companies across the sector, helping them adapt to the changing marketplace. We have produced:

  • Tone of voice guidelines for energy companies
  • Conference summaries and booklets
  • News and features for stakeholder magazines
  • Op-eds for industry publications
  • Annual and sustainability report writing

Our expert energy and resources team

Head of copy

If you work in energy, you want to convey your innovation without alienating readers. Our energy sector copywriting services help to make sense of the constantly evolving sector. We build forward-looking content strategies and clear tone of voice guidelines to satisfy government officials, environmental groups and shareholders. We have almost two decades of experience working with global clients, including EDF Energy, Vestas, SUEK and Urenco.

Get in touch and see how we help energy companies win stakeholder trust.
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