Top five Twitter tips for travel companies

by Stratton Craig

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The travel community loves Twitter. If your travel company is looking to expand your reach then Twitter is without doubt one of the most powerful tools out there. Use it to network, build connections and get your brand out there. With these five winning tips, you’ll be Twitter-famous by tea time.
1. DO: Reach out
Twitter rewards the proactive. Have public conversations with your followers and encourage others to join in. It’s an inclusive and friendly platform (on the whole) and the best Twitter moments happen when lots of people get involved. Use hashtags such as #travel, #BeachThursday or #RTW (stands for round the world) to get lots of exposure.
2. DO: Competition time
A sure-fire way to get people retweeting you is to offer something in return. Launch a prize draw that requires a retweet to enter. Or call on your followers to tweet you their favourite travel photo and hand out goodies and retweets for your favourites.
3. DO: Use links
140 characters is not a lot of words. If you have articles, blogs, etc. that you want people to engage with, tweet an enticing hook followed by a link to the main event. Link-shortening websites such as will tidy up your URL into a shorter link to neaten your tweet. Alternatively, Twitter will automatically shorten any link you tweet so don’t worry too much about including long URLs.
4. DO: Analyse
Use analytics to work out what is engaging people (with favourites, retweets, etc.) and what is falling by the wayside. Remember that favourites are good but retweets are better because they boost your reach. By focusing on what works you can make sure your tweets and content are as effective as possible. As well as improving ROI, you also make yourself a more attractive account to follow. And so the cycle continues…
5. DON’T: Re-tweet to excess
We end on a cautionary note. Spamming your followers’ feeds is a very easy way to get unfollowed. Effective use of Twitter is reaching the right people at the right time. Rapid-fire retweeting will simply train people to tune you out in the same way that we look straight through annoying advertising.
So there we have it! Happy tweeting.

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