How to use Facebook and blogging to boost engagement

by Stratton Craig

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Many businesses use social media or company blogs as means to engage both new and existing customers. What some of them do not realise is that both channels should complement each other rather than exist in isolation, claims Linda Dessau, a blogging coach and content marketing specialist.

In fact, having your social media working for your blog can be very beneficial to business. But it is not a good idea to use social networking sites as a replacement for a blog, because on your blog you can be the one who sets the rules, while this is not the case with social media. However, if your Facebook page is active and generating followers, this could be useful for the company blog as well.

For instance, if you receive questions relating to your products or services, the answer you give there could later be expanded or transformed into a “How to…” article on your blog. Even better, take a look at what users ask other brands and provide answers to that on your company blog.

Another useful tactic is to take advantage of positive comments or recommendations you have received on Facebook by contacting the user and asking them for an interview, in which you can find out about the user's experience and how your business helped to solve a problem.

You could also turn to the people who visit your profile page and ask them about what topics they would like to see on your blog. You could help by offering a few ideas and do a poll. Check if the links to blog topics you post on Facebook generate “likes”, because this could tell you if the topics are popular with consumers.

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