Eight reasons why we love words…

by Stratton Craig

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We are all surrounded by words and language, but at Stratton Craig, like many communications teams, we are quite literally drowning in them. They are our currency and we absolutely love them – here are eight reasons why:

1. Because of words like ‘delicious’, ‘cornucopia’ and ‘erudite’ that we simply just love to say and read.

2. Used in the right way, words can change a mind-boggling technical set up into a DIY dream.

3. Words offer every organisation the opportunity to express its ideas and identity, and we think they do it better than anything else.

4. Language really can make the difference in an organisation. Think about crisis management for example, the way crises are communicated both internally and externally can affect the response and rate of recovery. Words are powerful!

5. The English language is one of the richest and most diverse in vocabulary, it has a long and fascinating history and an amazing flexibility to constantly adapt, plus it’s spoken by over 2 billion people worldwide.

6. There will always be words that a person hasn’t heard before. We will never stop learning. Noticing and understanding a new word can give your writing, your brand and your conversations a new lease of life.

7. Words are open to interpretation. And, while that creates an element of risk, it’s also really interesting to see how the language surrounding a word will change the reader’s perception of it.

8. The millions of daily events in any business rely on words – a meeting, a presentation, a speech, an email, a phone call – words are everywhere!

We can help your company choose the right words – from corporate brochures to web copy, annual reports and tone of voice guidelines. If you’d like to find out more about our services, call us on 0117 9371 383 or email [email protected].

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