Are lawyers greedier than they were 20 years ago?

by Stratton Craig

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An interesting question, posed recently by the Editor of, and one which we felt was important to engage with, seeing as professional services are a core market for our team at Stratton Craig.
You can read the full article here, ( and it makes for interesting reading on the legal sector.
Use of the word ‘greedy’ might not be appropriate, but it conveys the way many outside of the legal profession feel about the industry.
The responsibility for this perception lies firmly with the profession itself, in their marketing of themselves, the way audiences are engaged externally and how the public and press are reviewing information they see, hear and read.
This brings us to consider what perception, reputation and communication mean to many in the legal sector, and how perception can play a vital role in the way external audiences relate to the sector.
Have you considered what your reputation and perceptions are in the marketplace? Are your communications conveying accurately what your main messages are?
Returning to the subject of perceived greed – remember, this is only based on conclusions the public and press have drawn for themselves. If a legal practice conveys greed, their reputation will follow accordingly.
By ensuring your organisation has appropriate communications, you can also ensure an accurate picture is conveyed to all of your audiences.
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