Financial services copywriting for unbiased

Bringing clarity to complex ‘money matters’

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The challenge is a leading technology firm that connects people with independent advisers. It has a high level of expertise across personal finance subjects, and it wanted to share its tips and advice while improving its SEO as part of a new website launch. With a small marketing team and a lot of work to do, asked us to become an extension of the team and create a large number of genuinely helpful articles and guides.

The solution

We needed to write about a range of topics, from care home advice to small business management, so we created a team with a variety of expertise.

All the information we incorporated was thoroughly researched to ensure it was factually correct and totally up to date.

We then created content based on the questions readers really ask. Our account management team created a weekly delivery structure, allowing a manageable workflow for the team to review.

The results

We created a bank of articles for, ready for the launch of the new website. Each piece was easy to navigate, based on the questions we had included.