Using the right words to convey a lasting legacy for De Beers Group

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The challenge

De Beers understands the power of the right words. Its 1948 campaign ‘A diamond is forever’ is still quoted today. De Beers asked us for support in bringing its sustainability strategy to life through its corporate reporting.

The solution

Our expert writers have focused on bringing energy and emotion to De Beers Group’s sustainability narrative. Central to all this is Building Forever: Our Journey – a collection of first-person stories from those directly involved in or benefitting from De Beers’ work. We help teams across the Group to identify the right storytellers for each edition, and we then hold in-depth interviews to hear their stories first-hand. From micro-businesses in Namibia to laboratories in Canada, the subject matter is varied and sometimes complex, so our journalistic skills are really put to the test. From the insights we gain during the interviews, we craft engaging, human stories that truly demonstrate the positive difference De Beers is making through its projects across the globe.

We have also recently written a broader publication that shares stories from across the Group’s supply chain, exploring how De Beers’ partners are also leaving a positive legacy and working towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Developments Goals.

Each year, we also write the De Beers Group Diamond Insight Report, which looks closely at key trends affecting the diamond industry. The report presents research into global industry issues, and our role is to craft an insightful, actionable and engaging narrative that helps readers navigate the complex data presented.

The results

Our work brings the Group’s sustainability legacy to life through engaging and informative stories. We continue to support De Beers as they build on their industry-leading approach to reporting.