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Bede House

"Help us articulate the unheard stories of our community"

Bringing a charity’s message to life


Stratton Craig works with Bede House to help tell the stories of the varied groups of people that it helps. Through meeting with the service users and understanding the experiences that brought them to Bede House, we have been able to craft engaging stories that highlight the unique and often very challenging work that Bede House does to improve the lives of members of the community. We initially worked on writing the stories of five women on the Starfish Project programme, and we’re currently working on telling the stories of some of the younger people that Bede House helps through the Youth Project. The stories will be used on the Bede House website, handouts and materials that promote the charity’s work to help bring their message to life, engage with more supporters and boost fundraising. For more information about Bede House, and to find out how you could help, simply visit