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We created 600 course descriptors, ensuring the University’s unique identity was consistently reflected on all pages

The challenge

The University of Bedfordshire wanted to create a stronger identity through its online course descriptions. It asked for our help to update the content and ensure the style was consistent across the board.

The solution

With around 600 courses to cover, we created a template for our team of three education copywriters to follow. This ensured the work was consistent from the start while creating a strong narrative for each course based on existing content and further conversations with course representatives. We also created a grammatical style guide, helping our writers and proofreaders keep all punctuation and wording uniform.

The results

We created all 600 course information pages for the university. Our team also uploaded the content straight to the university’s CMS, streamlining the management for the client.

University of Bedfordshire - Copywriting agency case study

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