Wake up and see the copy

With summer finally here it’s the time of year when beer gardens start filling up and the Pimm’s is in full flow throughout the afternoon. But if there’s one thing better than a cold, refreshing beverage on a hot day it has to be a good old pub chalkboard with a memorable catch line.

Here’s a few that have caught our eye in the last month or so.

1.       The classic flowchart
No matter how good or bad your day has been there is always a time and a place for a drink. Apparently.

2.       The freebie
Everybody loves a freebie. So this offer is pretty hard to turn down all in all.

3.       The joker
There’s always one member of the bar staff who thinks he can outwit his boss. Unless it was the boss trying to funny himself. Either way we’ve seen it all before.

4.       The witty one
This is simply excellent. Bravo to the person who came up with this. We salute you.

5.       The funny
Everybody loves a good joke. Especially when it involves Batman, and this one offers funny and Batman.

6.       Dish of the day?
Utterly bizarre but in a way simply brilliant. A pint of egg please.

Seen any chalkboard signs that  made you chuckle? Share them with us on Twitter @strattoncraig 


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