The Importance Of Written Communication

The quality of written communication is essential for a brand and this holds true for all the different ways of establishing a connection with customers – documents, contracts, e-mails, presentations, offers – you name it. In fact, all written communication speaks of the company itself, of its attitude and its level of professionalism.

Many people are probably aware of the fact that a very small part of the actual communication is down to the words used. What comes across is people´s non-verbal behaviour, body language and tone of voice. This is the reason why written communication is so tricky – it is very easy to misinterpret what is being said.

There are a few tips on how brands can make the most of their written communications, as suggested on the IT World website. First of all and probably the most important thing is to know the audience. This is the key factor that will determine the language and the style to use.

In most cases it is appropriate to avoid pompous language, long, complicated words or excessively burdened sentences. Generally, it is a good idea for the language used in writing to reflect the same tone of voice and ideas that would have been expressed in face-to-face communication.

Last, but not least, since written text is a reflection of the company´s professionalism and attitude towards customers and clients, checking for typos is a must, as spelling mistakes could prove the cracks that bring the whole house down.

Simple as this guidance may seem, in written communications the little things can go a very long way in representing your brand in a positive and professional manner.


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