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Co-op campaign – the importance of a stable brand identity

When corporations go through periods of upheaval they often choose to make changes to their marketing strategies. Movember recently unveiled the ‘Generation Mo’ rebrand, targeting younger generations to widen the...

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‘Microstyle’ – the tone of voice that never was?

We recently rediscovered ‘Microstyle - The Art of Writing Little’ by Christopher Johnson, a book that champions no-nonsense copywriting. The word ‘microstyle’ refers to the short and concise tone that...

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How can a unique tone of voice boost customer engagement?

We always argue the importance of tone of voice, and that many organisations are yet to respond to the growing need to neatly define theirs. According to the results of...

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Ad of the week – O2

Are you a cat person or a dog person? The new ‘be more dog’ ad by VCCP for O2 might mean you don’t have to choose any more - it turns an aloof...

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Striking the right tone during a rebrand

Sometimes, even global brands struggle with their identity. Cancer Research UK (CRUK) is one of the nation’s leading cancer charities, but last year it identified problems with its image and...

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Ad of the week – Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has a bold, brash image – and that’s exactly how they like it. The brand has been entertaining us with compelling creative campaigns for years. TV ads have...

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Ad of the week – Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s brand image is well-established, and a key component of the company’s continued success in the difficult European automotive market. The brand has become synonymous with ideas of safety, reliability...

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Guinness – Tone Of Choice

‘Bold. Distinctive. Full of character.’ The words chosen by Guinness to describe its bittersweet black beer are just as appropriate to the brand itself, which has cultivated an inimitable tone of...

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There’s no time like the present to present a present – how one word can

  On a recent lunch break, I was browsing through the day’s news stories when I happened upon the following gem of a headline: ‘Anne Bronte’s grave error corrected’ (via BBC News) As...

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Brands should adopt fresh approach to tone of voice

We all know about the power of non-verbal communication and the idea that what you say is less important than how you say it. Is spite of this, tone of...

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