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Lessons from a Parisian bookstore

To celebrate a major team success, Stratton Craig recently enjoyed a day out in Paris – a city that inspired the likes of Hemingway, Joyce and Orwell. Naturally we flocked...

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What makes a ‘happy’ brand?

As ad agency isobel has revealed a list of the most ‘happy’ brands in the UK, we’ve been having a think about how and why these brands have such positive...

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A bit of blue sky thinking

I’m going to put a stake in the ground here… I’m a big fan of the Twitter hashtag #thingsyouhearinagencies. It provides me with a constant stream of remarkably accurate phrases...

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Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad is patriotic in any language

Running a 30-second advert during the 2014 Super Bowl cost brands $4 million dollars (appx. £2.45 million) per slot, and every second had an impact on the estimated 111.5 million...

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Ad of the Week: Go Compare’s ‘Llandofsavingmoney…’

When was the last time you saw a picture of a faraway place and thought, “I want to go there some day”? For us, it was when we recently spotted...

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Cameron’s New Year speech was more than a formality

It’s common knowledge that in modern politics, the choice of words used can be as significant as the actual proposals they describe. Spin doctors are an integral part of any...

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Co-op campaign – the importance of a stable brand identity

When corporations go through periods of upheaval they often choose to make changes to their marketing strategies. Movember recently unveiled the ‘Generation Mo’ rebrand, targeting younger generations to widen the...

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Why clever is best in slogan writing

Slogans should be sticky. But catchy rhymes and jingles aren’t the only way to get inside your customers’ heads. Next to your company name, your slogan is often the first...

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‘Microstyle’ – the tone of voice that never was?

We recently rediscovered ‘Microstyle - The Art of Writing Little’ by Christopher Johnson, a book that champions no-nonsense copywriting. The word ‘microstyle’ refers to the short and concise tone that...

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The importance of subject line and content in ‘welcome emails’

‘Welcome emails’ - when written well - are by far one of the most successful ways for brands to engage with clients online. Tagging an email as a ‘Welcome’ letter...

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