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Tone of voice in crisis communications – tips to get it right

Successfully maintaining the correct tone of voice in crisis communications is notoriously tough. You need to think carefully about what to say and how to say it, but you don’t...

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Can good tech copywriting make technology brands accessible for all?

Tech has a reputation for being inaccessible – here’s our take on how our copywriting services for tech companies can make it accessible for all. [caption id="attachment_25070" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Photo by...

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How the language of debate can be harmful – from the perspective of a copywriting

As a copywriting agency in Bristol that regularly works on sustainability communications, we know the statistics surrounding environmental issues. For example, every year, more than 330 people in Bristol die...

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The wrong words: how one bank got it wrong

Social media fail - how a mega bank chose the wrong words. #Mondaymotivation or #Mondaymoneyshaming? That was the question on many people’s minds when they saw Chase Bank’s attempt at relatable...

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Connecting with credibility – The right way to lighten your tone of voice

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, we’ve observed a marked change in how financial brands communicate with their retail audience. Almost all leading banks and insurance companies have answered...

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Why tone of voice is as important as the words you use

Everyone encounters this reality sooner or later and for me it was while preparing for job interviews. It was made clear to me that I could be the most qualified...

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Is it possible to talk about tone of voice without mentioning the big three?

  Have you ever decided that you wanted to speak with the voice of, say, Brian Blessed? It’d be fun to have such a distinctive, booming sound for a while -...

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