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Social distancing, not social isolation – how to keep your team engaged

Many of the world’s businesses, like us, are counting themselves lucky that they can run their operations remotely. Our team members have been beavering away in their respective homes for...

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Top 25 tips for great copy

Established in Bath in 1987, and now based in London and Bristol, we’ve worked our way through economic ups and downs, the rise and fall of everything printed, and the...

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Q&A: Getting to know Claire, our new queen of content

Journeying from sunny Sydney Harbour to the historical port of Bristol, Claire Wilson is the newest member of the Stratton Craig team. Claire emigrated six months ago with her family...

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We’re recruiting: Junior copywriter

We're recruiting: Junior copywriter The company Stratton Craig provides industry-­leading written communications. We’ve been helping clients in all sectors to develop brand language and tone of voice, increase brand awareness, communicate with...

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A week on work experience: one budding copywriter’s story

After my GCSEs, I spent a week at Stratton Craig for work experience, after hearing about copywriting at my school’s careers fair. At first, the idea of ‘swimming with bigger...

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Lessons from a Parisian bookstore

To celebrate a major team success, Stratton Craig recently enjoyed a day out in Paris – a city that inspired the likes of Hemingway, Joyce and Orwell. Naturally we flocked...

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The Stratton Craig Grammar Collection – The Apostrophe

  The Stratton Craig Grammar Guide - The Apostrophe I’ve always been a stickler for grammar – there’s nothing better than seeing a correctly-placed hyphen and a sentence split by superbly-sited commas....

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Investing in the future of the UK workforce

  Not long ago, our Client Director Harriette was invited to Hendon School for an evening of ‘Investing in our Future’. ‘Our’ in this case refers to the school’s students, who’d...

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Is social media making us lazy?

Social media dominates much of our day to day communication. We post on a friend’s wall to wish them happy birthday and double-tap their pictures to show we care about...

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Stratton Craig is 25 years old – and so am I

  A full 25 years ago (or should that be one score and five?), it was 1987 - the year that the first Street Fighter game was released, The Simpsons made...

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