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The growing importance of SEO

When Google introduced voice search in 2011, it was little more than a novelty. A piece of sci-fi futurism to show your friends down the pub, but not something to...

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What is voice search, and what does it mean for SEO, brands and written communications?

Colm, our resident technical writer, will explore questions like what is voice search, how does voice search work and what voice search means for SEO, companies and brands. Introduction by Colm Alexa,...

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Common sense SEO for the long term

You don’t have to look very far these days to find someone banging on about algorithm changes at Google and Facebook and predicting that the (digital) world as we know...

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Reviewing the SEO situation

Good reviews, bad reviews, does anybody care? Well yes. Actually almost 90% of us are influenced by reviews when it comes to booking and shopping online. Whether we’re booking a hotel,...

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SEO tips for your product descriptions

Making your product descriptions Google friendly is one of the easiest ways to increase traffic to your site. Around 12% of retail sales are made online, and this figure doesn’t include...

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The big bad world of copywriting, made good

When meeting people for the first time – be it at a networking event, a neighbour’s barbecue or down the local pub for post-work drinks – one of the first...

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Ten tips for writing better online content

Have you been waiting for someone to condense everything you need to know about how to write digital content into one witty blog post? The internet is a crowded place –...

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When is it time for a website content re-write?

Refreshing web content is an important process. Establishing when and how to do this can be difficult though, and there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. The...

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Your audience v. Google: who are you writing for?

Billions of searches happen every day on its platform, and with over 65% share of the search market, Google demands your attention. But with every update to the Google algorithm...

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Three ways to make your travel content go viral

It may seem like your ability to produce viral-worthy content is as far away as the destinations you're pushing, but all successful travel campaigns have several things in common that...

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