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How legal content writing can build trust and win new business

Face-to-face meetings help legal professionals form relationships with new clients and win business. Our experience of copywriting for legal companies tells us that nurturing these relationships is essential for their...

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How legal copywriting can remove emotion without reducing impact

TV crime dramas have painted a sombre image of the life and work of a lawyer. They come across as sassy, frank and cold. But from our experience of copywriting...

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What 2017 looks like for the legal industry

We’re already a month in to 2017 and what with the Supreme Court Brexit ruling and new policies flying in from President Trump, the legal industry is in the spotlight. In...

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Steadying the ship: The importance of communication in uncertain times

During times of uncertainty and change, good employee communications are essential for organisational stability. Following the EU referendum, the UK has been plunged into social, political and economic turmoil. Jobs are...

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Four reasons why your law firm needs a content editor

Wigs. Latin. Long and complicated terminology. There are few professions more exclusive and seemingly inaccessible than law. But law firms are realising that when it comes to marketing they need...

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Legal marketing: Act like a law firm, think like an editor to pull in clients

We recently wrote about the editorial issues that are holding back law firms, and how with a proper editorial function, they can make their expertise clear for all prospective clients...

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What great legal content looks like, with an example

More and more law firms are adopting a content marketing strategy to showcase their expertise. They know how effective it is at attracting new clients and strengthening relationships with existing...

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Legal challenge: the editorial issues holding back law firms

Compared to businesses in other industries, law firms have fewer opportunities to differentiate themselves from competitors, as their sector is so information-based. Knowledge is one way they can lift themselves...

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