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Cats everywhere – Japanese phrases, part five

Part two of our series on Japanese phrases and their literal meanings has already covered the ‘animal’ theme, but we’re coming back to it to complete the series. As it...

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Pots, kettles and posteriors – Japanese phrases, part four

For this edition of my Japanese phrase series, I’m going to go over some expressions that you’re probably more familiar with. As the saying goes, people who live in glass houses...

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Dealing with fools – Japanese phrases, part three

In my research into Japanese idioms and phrases, I’ve discovered that there are a lot of ways to describe and insult an idiot. I’ll take you through some of these...

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Goldfish poop – Japanese phrases, part two

If you’re keeping track of our blog series on Japanese phrases that get a little lost in translation, you’ll know that we’ve already covered ducks carrying leeks and the risk...

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A duck approaches – Japanese phrases, part one

As the resident intermediate Japanese speaker here at Stratton Craig, I’m fairly lucky in being able to come up with unique turns of phrase in more than one language. Japan...

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