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Sometimes laughter is the only medicine

Lockdown certainly has its challenges, but that isn’t stopping community spirit, Great British sarcasm and all-out creativity from attempting to cheer us all up. It has certainly helped us. Memes...

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Five ways to create quick informative content

Even though many of us have more time on our hands now, not everybody wants to endure long, drawn-out content. And if you’re trying to catch the attention of businesses...

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Eggcorns and other cute things children say

Big brothers and sisters around the world couldn’t be more thankful for eggcorns. What a great excuse to take the mick out of the little one for getting something wrong. If...

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Emojis – Helpful hack or unnecessary evil?

Wink face, smiley face, crying face, the dancer, the cyclist, the cat, the moon, and, of course, the avocado. There are emojis for just about everything these days, but why?...

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Misused, abused and overused words – are you a culprit?

On average, men speak 7,000 words a days and women speak a remarkable 20,000 a day[1]. Not only do these stats confirm the common belief that women are the chatterboxes...

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Q&A: Getting to know Claire, our new queen of content

Journeying from sunny Sydney Harbour to the historical port of Bristol, Claire Wilson is the newest member of the Stratton Craig team. Claire emigrated six months ago with her family...

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Do you know what Martian means?

‘One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple’ - Jack Kerouac. I was once sitting an exam at university and I had to analyse a poem...

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New words for things that don’t have a name – but should

The publication of the first Roald Dahl dictionary, packed with evocative neologisms and onomatopoeic nonsense words, has got the Stratton Craig crew misty-eyed for times gone by. As writers it’s...

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The definition of Christmas

Rudolph Santa’s famous red-nosed helper, Rudolph the reindeer has always been portrayed as somewhat of an outcast. His name however, actually means ‘famous wolf’ and would have been an epithet given...

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Content for the customer buying process: purchase decision

The fourth and most important stage of the customer buying process is purchase decision, where your potential customer is at the point of purchasing from you. If an individual has...

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